Resume only: 5 business days
Resume/KSAs: 7 business days
SES Package: 10 business days

Rush Service available-please call 800.546.4541

1. INITIAL CONSULTATION: We discuss with you specific application components, materials needed from you, timeline for the project, and any other questions you might have. Once you decide to commit to our services and we have identified a job announcement, we then set a one-hour telephone appointment. We understand that many of our clients are unavailable during normal business hours so we do take appointments on evenings and weekends.

2. SUPPORT DOCUMENTATION: We ask you to either email or fax copies of your present resume, OF-612, DD-214, awards, certificates of completion,performance appraisals, and possibly, school transcripts. As a rule, you cannot send us too much information. It will be our job to evaluate all documents and decide which is relevant and/or rating enhancing.

3. RESUME CONSULTATION: Usually about an hour in length, we discuss your experience, accomplishments, and education as they specifically pertain to both job title and series. We also ask you interview questions regarding your aspirations, obstacles, and professional methodologies. Incidentally, your writer is always available via email or telephone if you have questions.

4. RESUME WRITING: We believe in efficiency and perfection and will send your resume first-draft as a MS WORD document via email within 5 business days of resume consultation. The first version to be completed will be the presentation version. We then revise until you are completely comfortable with the resume This version may be adapted for private sector jobs and other federal positions. We prioritize revisions above resumes so revision process usually goes very quickly. Once we receive final draft, we convert resume to electronic format, if necessary, paying close attention to character limitations and resume input logic.

5. KSA WRITING: Once we have completed final version of your resume, we basically complete steps 2 and 3 again to write the KSAs. Prior to speaking with you, we ask that you review each KSA and be able to elaborate on two excellent examples, less than five years old, that substantiate each knowledge, skill, or ability. Once we receive final approval of KSAs, we then write your cover letter. We have found that this sequential method of preparing federal job applications is the most effective to achieve our highest writing performance standards.

6. FINAL FULL-CONTACT EDIT: After you have approved all documents, we print and pore over every page one last time to ensure grammatical, formatting, and data compliance perfection. We also discuss with you specific submission procedures and follow up actions depending on type of submission. As a rule, no matter how you apply, you should confirm receipt of your application within one week of submission.

Call 800.546.4541 to speak directly with a federal resume expert