Federal Resumes Templates/Sample/Federal KSA Example

Examples for our past resume work

Below, please see both accepted federal resume formats, presentation and USAJobs Resume Builder,  as well as a Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) narrative statement based on the Context, Challange, Action, Results (C-CAR) formula. KSAs are in the process of being replaced by multiple choice, online questionnaires. However, a few agencies still require narratives or KSAs with applications. Online federal resume builders such as USAJobs each have their own unique template and character limitations. In addition, federal presentation resume format is dependent on specific job announcements.

As a rule, opt for federal presentation resume format (uploaded .pdf) over USAJobs resume builder unless you are specifically prohibited from doing so in the job announcement. In order to maximize your exposure to federal hiring managers, you can build one resume in USAJobs and make it “searchable.” Otherwise, go federal presentation resume to optimize your positive exposure or points with the USAJobs Applicant Tracking System (ATS), HR Representative and, once referred, the Hiring Manager.

Our federal USAJobs resume template, federal presentation resume sample and KSA example are meant to provide a general idea of our work. We write, revise and perfect each federal application from scratch in strict accordance to job announcement, job series and federal grade parameters. Please respect our samples as such.

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