The Advantages of having an Active Security Clearance

Veterans, Federal Employees, and Contractors who have an active security clearance are highly sought after for Federal Cleared Jobs.  Because of the backlog for those obtaining an initial or re-instating a security clearance, it can take over six months for the entire life cycle of the background check process to complete. This presents a difficult decision for Hiring Managers on whether to hire an uncleared candidate and have them pull unclassified duty for an extended period of time. Even more concerning would be to hire a candidate and have them fail to pass the background check 6 months into their tenure. Although a security clearance is not a prerequisite to being offered a federal job, all candidates undergo suitable adjudication to determine suitability for a federal job.

If you have an active Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret SCI or Top Secret SCI with Poly, your chances of finding the right position in a favored location and at the highest possible grade are greatly increased. While most cleared jobs are within the Department of Defense, there are also a great number of positions open with Intelligence Community Federal Agency including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Use USAJobs “Saved Search” function to find cleared jobs.

  1. Login to your USAJobs account
  2. Click logo to go to USAJobs home page
  3. Enter your desired job title and location.
  4. Click on Search
  5. At next screen, click on “More Filters” on right
  6. Scroll to “Security Clearance” and check appropriate boxes according to your clearance.
  7. Save the search, name it, and maintain default daily notices.

Never add Classified Information to your resume.

  1. Do not list the physical address of your unit or organization unless it is at the Public Headquarters location.
  2. Do not list networks, computer applications or intelligence product lifecycle details.
  3. Do not provide information on any classified mission, location, source or team member.
  4. Do articulate skill sets including problem-solving, working well under pressure and data analysis.
  5. Do include all awards and commendations received as a member of the military or federal employee.
  6. Do call 800.546.4541 if you decide you need help with your Federal Resume.