About Us

Federal Prose is a government resume writing company located in Charlottesville, Virginia just steps away from Monticello.

Mary I. Wagoner is our Senior Writer, President, and Editor. Mary is a Certified Resume Writer through NRWA. Her partner, Eric Brass is a Certified Federal Resume Writer and Career Coach. In addition, we employ a staff of outstanding federal resume writers to provide the best federal resume services in the country.

Federal Prose has twenty years experience helping people enhance their federal career opportunities. Our writers are all certified resume specialists who are devoted to perfection and efficiency, one resume at a time.

Each writer has his/her own area of federal career expertise and is familiar with the concepts, buzzwords and trends of each particular job series. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of all federal trends and paying close attention to detail to ensure our clients receive the highest ratings possible.

We do not use pre-formatted styles nor do we fill in the slots of a template. Each resume is written from scratch for both content and format to maximize its unique impact and ensure the greatest potential for an interview.

We believe that, in helping you succeed, we succeed as well. Your resume is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity and success. Let Federal Prose make that key the strongest it can be.

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